This blog appears as a sequel of the first Web 2.0 space I’ve had since I started as a ICT enthusiast. I named that space «Sacando la Lengua» (Sticking out the tongue… the joke gets lost in translation)  and it started in order to give vent to all the ideas I couldn’t put in my final paper and in a failed publishing project some years a go, when I studied languages. After that, a lot of things happened and a lot of things changed. One of those things would be an online community called Global Voices Online, the current field (and inspiration) for my doctoral research on informal learning. After unforgettable experiences in Venezuelan public administration, in publishing, and also in the academic world I crossed the Ocean and fell on France, where another research paper let out some texts and ideas that I still want to comment about.


… I thought that was a fine excuse to move all the stuff and rearrange the space…


This is how a blog that started commenting languages tries to become a journal of the first experiences of an emerging researcher in Education Sciences. All the curiosity and the interest for languages are still there, they just got a bigger place to share with new friends in a city that discovers little by little its multicultural face, and in an academic world that embraces (at least) three disciplines. Thus, I felt the need to add two more languages and three more subjects. That said, I have to apologize in advance for the grammar mistakes in English and French (mostly). This new experiment is also a writing and translating exercise. Languages tend to make intense love affairs. And so, what this online journal offers is, mostly, a technological get-together in the spirit of scientific and literary spreading: we’ll talk here about education, cultural exchanges, and of course, languages… (what a wonderful «joker» that is!)


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